Hand Built in-house

From idea inception to final digital product – we’re involved every step of the way.  All of our websites, artwork, photography and video are produced in-house – which means we lie awake at night thinking about how they could be better.  If changes are needed – they can be made quickly and efficiently by the creator of the artwork/website/logo/strategy.  If you have a project that needs some hand-crafted love, we’d love to hear from you.


It looks like Brad’s yelling at us ‘What awards you liar!’.  But he’s not, he was actually talking to Angelina in this shot.  I couldn’t hear what he said but I think he was talking about lunch.

Awards shows, live events, studio portraits, food, music – if you need photography – there’s a good chance we can help.  Get in touch to ask about our portfolio or to shoot the breeze about why Paris Hilton is no longer trending.  We have answers.


Star wipes?  The answer is always yes.

Well designed motion graphics can make your logo or business stand out from the ever-expanding crowd.  At Chaos Theory, our team are passionately dedicated to creating sharp, modern, slick motion graphics that present your business professionally.


We offer competitive multi-platform content packages to ensure your brand is seen in every medium.

Whether you need a high-end television commercial, a corporate induction video or a YouTube video – we can help.  From development of the idea to hand-crafting each and every element, we make sure you get the most out of your budget.