About Us

Chaos Theory Digital Studio was founded by Shea Walsh – unrequited film-maker, imagination junky and technology addict.  Having spent the last 8 years in Los Angeles working as an entertainment photographer, animator, designer and director – Shea has returned to Australia to offer creative services to his convict compatriots.


Working with a small team, Chaos Theory focus on telling engaging, cohesive stories for brands and businesses.  Whether through design, copy writing, film making, photography, websites or marketing – in our opinion – a great story is the single most important ingredient.

A strong story binds, engages, captivates, surprises.  A strong story is what grabs your audiences attention – and keeps it.  How you tell that story is crucial.  Our goal is to tell the best story for your business – and make sure it gets implemented on the right platform to get in front of the right people.

If you’re looking for creative ways to improve your business, we’d love to help.

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