Creating Simple Icons

Creating simple icons is easy?  I mean they’re simple, so surely they’re simple to make…right?  Well, as you probably expected, that lead in sentence is about to be refuted.  Making good, simple, well balanced icons is actually a total bitch of a job.  Maybe if you’re been doing it for years you’ll tell me it’s a piece of cake.  But if it’s that much of a piece of cake – why are there so many terrible icons around?

A couple of key points:  If your’e creating a series of icons – make sure they match.  That means the width, curves, angles, colours and sizes should all live in the same world.  So maybe your penguin is going to be gigantic next to your whale.  Or is it just a baby whale?  Who knows?

Key point number ‘C’; Make them super cute.  Even if the client is a hard-nosed capitalist, super cute icons will create an atmosphere of harmonious love – whereby said client may be less likely to notice the redundancy of a penguin in his or her animation project about equipment financing….