The importance of Design for No Reason

When I asked what designs my colleague worked on at home after his advertising job finished, he said ‘I’m not in the mood to make nice shoes, when I’ve been making crappy shoes all day’.  I quickly realized he was speaking in the confusing language of metaphor (I was pretty sure we didn’t make shoes at the firm).

It’s important to keep pushing your creative skills but also really easy to fall into a rut of pumping out the same turds day in day out on a production line that extends into an infinity horizon of nothingness.  Sometimes though, you should furtively look over your shoulder,  make sure the boss is playing solitaire, and shower some creative attention on your pet film/script/design project.

Ideas grow and evolve out of experimentation, failure and the thrill of using work hours to add fuel to the passion.  Rather than dousing your creativity with mounds of banal, corporate excrement – find time – make time to give your creative self some love, even if it’s a sketchpad on your lap while Netflixing.