Small Business, Rapid Growth & Project Management

Well – it’s been a beat between posts.  The good news is, it’s because work has been insanely busy.  We’ve been making catalogues, designing books, filming advertisements and training minions.  The learning curve has definitely been focussed on project management software – because it’s all too easy to get so swamped you forget to invoice a client, or sleep.  All work and no play etc.  Today I just thought I’d share a list of the apps that are making life a lot easier at the moment:

Proposify    Asana    Harvest    Wave    Xero (kinda)

Wrike    Streamtime    Dropbox Paper

MailButler     Xink    G-Suite

From project management to accounting to invoicing to proposals to email signatures – that should get you started.  There are actually a bunch of others that I trialled and have since forgotten about and here’s a more comprehensive rundown on Wave from the folks at Cloudwards if you’re interested.

Chaos Theory are a small business undergoing rapid growth.  Apps like Hootsuite are too expensive at this point – though I do see the benefits.  Stay tuned for more updates on the new app offerings on the market.