Landing Pages Explained

Marketing firms and technical types often talk about creating ‘Landing Pages‘ for your website to improve SEO or complement a campaign. So what exactly is a landing page and how is it different from any other web page?


A landing page is simply a web page that has been created specifically for a specific marketing campaign. Your campaign may  include using Google Adwords to promote a particular product or service, and your landing page will be the destination URL for that campaign.


The benefits of creating a Landing Page rather than just sending clicks to your main website is that the content on this page is focussed on the particular product you’re trying to sell (usually by writing it with SEO in mind) and for this reason, not only informs your customer or audience more efficiently – but also engages in a technical conversation with Google’s search algorithm, letting it know that you have real, authentic and valuable content.


Not only that, having a landing page custom built for a campaign means you can get extremely accurate results on your campaign. Every click that goes through Google Adwords for example, will be recorded on a single page – and if you have a conversion in place – the tracking for this is also exacting.

Landing Page

If your company sell engine parts for instance, and are looking to run a marketing campaign to promote a specific brand, it can be beneficial to create a landing page that is custom-built for that purpose. (See Image above)


If you’d like to know more about landing pages or need help creating them – get in touch today!


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