Advertising, Events, Food & Travel

Photography is a passion here at Chaos Theory Digital Studio.  Whether you have an event, product or campaign – we provide flexible solutions for every project.  Get in touch today and let us help you get the imagery you need.

Product Photography

Chaos Theory offer high end product photography for a wide variety of businesses including wineries, electronics, fashion and industrial.  If you’re looking for consistent, beautiful imagery for your product or business that can scale across all media – get in touch and let us help.

Event Photography

Chaos Theory have an in-house photographer (yes, it’s me) – with experience shooting events, concerts and amazing cocaine-fueled after-parties for many years.  Working with reputable organizations like the Associated Press – we’ve had access to a world of fast-paced, press oriented photography that requires a flawless workflow and high-intensity image creation.  If you have an event where coverage and press is important – get in touch and tell us about your project.


Make me look Fabulous

Chaos Theory retouchers have pixels in their DNA.  Using intricate, highly technical procedures and indecipherable computer jargon, we promise to shed the pounds, shed the years and make you as shiny as the day you were born.  Wanna know what we retouched on Drew Barrymore?  We’ll never talk!


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