42,000+ Views…and Counting

What difference does a good photo make?  It’s something that every photographer has to answer at some point – and is surprisingly difficult to quantify.  I have fancy equipment, I have years of experience…sure.  But I’m the first to admit that your average smart phone takes a pretty damn good photo these days – and for a lot of businesses – good is ‘good enough’.

As a Level 4 Google Local Guide (don’t worry – it’s just a title they give me to make me feel important) – there’s an easy way to put it to the test.  I take photos of venues and menu’s – and I post them to Google Maps.  It doesn’t take long to see which photos get the best response and how well my images fare against your average smart phone photo.

In the past 4 months I’ve posted 43 photos – which have been viewed a total of 42,344 times.

The winning image?  Surprisingly it’s a photo of the burger at ‘Who’s Your Mumma‘ – a tiny little hipster bar in Fremantle – clocking in at 10,113 views and counting.

Now to drop into the venue and see how their burger sales have changed in the last 3 months – a true indication of the value of a good photo.

Results will be posted in my next installment.  Stay tuned.