On Tour with John Butler Trio

It’s always exciting to be able to flash a pass and get backstage at concerts.  People look at you as though you have some magical power and try and engage you in conversation that inevitably leads to them asking if you can get them a pass.  I recently got the opportunity to go on tour with John Butler Trio as they supported Midnight Oil.  I realise it’s a bit of a cliché talking about how hard musicians work – but when you see the amount of travel, hotels, buses, taxis and rushed meals that they go through – it’s hard not to respect the dedication – especially when they bring everything to the stage and rock as hard as these guys do.  Not being one to needlessly flatter – I gotta say – these dudes fucken rule.  If you get a chance to see them play live – don’t miss it. Meanwhile, check out some of the tour diary videos we made for them on their Facebook page.