Premium Photography Services

Chaos Theory offer a wide range of photography services to meet your business, advertising and marketing needs.  Whether you’re looking to cover an event or festival, create stunning studio portraits or shoot your product for large scale marketing distribution – Chaos Theory have the solution for your business.


In addition to our photography services, we’re able to offer your business unparalleled digital distribution and social media event creation. With an editorial team that can work live from your event, we ensure your images get sent out moments after they’re created, edited and approved.  Embedded with focussed metadata, you can rest assured that media and news outlets will be provided with images that capture an audience, and deliver a message.


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Food Photography

Food Photography

Creating captivating food photography is important for every Sunday brunch, but also has some use when creating a cook book or for restaurant and hospitality marketing.


With 3 award winning cookbooks under our belt, Chaos Theory offer a structured approach to delivering food photography that gets noticed.  Whether you’re posting your photography to social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook, or putting together a hard copy recipe book – Chaos Theory photography can help deliver print quality imagery that will capture your audience.

Event Photography

With experience working creating photography for brands like Xbox, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures and covering festivals like Southbound, Coachella and Bonaroo, Chaos Theory are well suited to ensure beautiful images are created, and editorial services catered to.


In an age where image consumption is at an all time high, it’s important to provide a variety of engaging photos and get them integrated into the right digital platforms. Our team can capture, edit, caption and send images onsite.  Additionally, Chaos Theory are able to run live social media campaigns, so you can get the most out of the photography created for your business.


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Product Photography

Chaos Theory offer high-end studio photography for product imagery.  We know how important it is to create high-quality photography that offers an aspirational representation of your product or brand.  Our goal at Chaos Theory is to create imagery that grabs the attention and holds it.


If you have product photography needs, we’d love to help.

Portrait Photography

Capturing a portrait is more than lighting and camera settings.  It’s about letting the subject release their usual guard and let the camera and photographer into a very personal, intimate space.  


When that guard is down, something special emerges.  A portrait is more than just a captured moment of a person.  If done right, it reveals something greater than the sum of all the parts.


At Chaos Theory, we’re passionate about capturing natural portraits of people.  For studio, family, corporate or on location portraiture – get in touch with our team today.