A Complete Marketing Solution

Whether you’re launching a brand, own a business or simply want to supercharge your digital presence – Chaos Theory have a solution that will make a difference.


We pride ourselves on creating visually stunning imagery, video and design to really bring your business to life – and we ensure that the content we create for your brand is integrated into the digital space to get in front of your customers in a personal way.


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Brand Guidelines

A lot of the answers to your brand are in your head.  While it may seem simple to you, it can often be confusing for your suppliers to deliver on the essence of your company without having a map.  That’s where Brand Guidelines come in.


Fonts  |  Colours  |  Consistency  |  Standards


Creating a brand guidelines document can not only help the good folk creating your signs, pamphlets or landing pages – it will also help you crystallize the essence of your company.  Like any good story – and your brand is a story – keeping it simple and succinct is key.


A comprehensive brand guidelines document will let your suppliers and designers know what fonts to use, how to place your logo, current taglines, company colours and your standards for imagery and video.  If you’d like help with a brand guidelines document – get in touch today.

Brand Strategy

Okay, so you have a fancy website, pamphlets, a Google Ads campaign and you’ve been told your SEO is optimised to the hilt.  Now what?


Awareness  |  Education  |  Growth  |  Maintenance


Like any journey, it always helps having a map and a plan.  A brand strategy is simply a way of putting on paper that strategy so your marketing team, freelancers or partner can all be on the same page.  Brand strategies are different for every company and every industry, but they all have the same purpose – to grow your company.


Sometimes that growth will be expanding awareness, informing or educating your client base, creating new customers or driving revenue.  Even if it’s as simple as a monthly checklist – creating a brand strategy will help you stay on track and grow into a healthy, successful business.

Already sick of reading boring words and ready for marketing action?

If your business is just launching into the digital space, it’s important that you make an impressive visual impact immediately. Online customers are very savvy when it comes to the look and feel of a website and there are no shortcuts to great design.


At Chaos Theory, we take the time to analyze your competition, existing branding – including fonts, colour and logo –  and we use all this to ensure we give your online presence a competitive visual edge. When you get a customer to your site – we aim to keep them there.

If you’re a traditional business selling physical or digital products – creating an online e-commerce presence can be a daunting task. Whether you have 10 products or 10,000 products – Chaos Theory are here to make this process seamless and affordable.


With photography, design, video and web design all happening in-house – we ensure the e-commerce solution that is the best fit for your business – looks as good as it works. Creating a well-structured e-commerce store will be the cheapest business expansion you’ve ever undertaken. Drop us a line and get the ball rolling today.

There was a time when a business simply took out an ad in the White Pages and hey presto – business was booming. The good news is – digital advertising through portals like Facebook, Google Adwords or Instagram can be just as effective – and far more focussed.


We understand perfectly well that when you spend money on advertising of any kind – you want to see results. Here at Chaos Theory – we offer detailed analysis of site traffic and revenue generated – so it’s really simple to see if a campaign is effective. Get in touch today and let us get your business visible online.


A photo elicits an instant response from a user – and it’s proven that good photos of your product improve a users likelihood of purchase or engage. This is reflected in the continuing growth of image content online – increasing 73% in 2017.


If you have photography needs – whether it’s event coverage, editorial or product imagery – get in touch today and let us provide you with the beautiful images that will make the difference to your business.

Ready to supercharge your digital goodies? We’d love to help.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can mean the difference between a customer finding your business online or using your competitor. At Chaos Theory we keep the process as simple as possible and ensure that your SEO spend gets results.


Whether you’re looking to run a campaign, improve your Google Search ranking, receive more phone calls or clean up bad links – we can help. Get in touch today and let us help dispel the mystery of SEO for you and give you the results your business needs.

Analytics is about using data to generate better sales. When we conduct an analytics audit on your digital presence, we provide detailed  reports that are outcome driven and include strategies and recommendations for improving your business.


We use tools like Google Analytics, Google My Business and Google Search Console to ensure all bases are covered – and we also assess the online practices employed by your competitors to give us an insight into their strategies.  If you want the winning advantage – get analytics working for your business today.