Why you need Google My Business

What the heck is Google My Business and why do I need it?  Good question – and one that has a few different answers – but for the purpose of light reading, I’ll keep it short.

Primarily, the purpose of Google My Business is so users of the interweb can more easily find you when conducting a search.

With close to 70% of online searches being conducted using Google’s search engine – it’s obvious that you’d want your website or business to be friendly with Google’s products and practices.

When you sign up for Google My Business, you get to tell the story of your business or brand when it gets displayed on Google search results or Google Maps.  This is really important if you want your brand to maintain a consistent presence across the net and remain prominent within the mysterious Google algorithm.

The good news – it’s free to sign up.  Thank you Google!  Keep up the good work.